Center for Pain Management

The Center for Pain Management at the University of Pittsburgh, led by John Moossy, MD, focuses on alleviating chronic, spine-related pain arising from such conditions as failed back syndrome, arachnoiditis, vertebral compression fractures, reflex sympathetic dystrophy (RSD), primary spinal tumors and spinal metastases. Our mission is to help alleviate the suffering these conditions cause, and by doing so, improve our patients’ quality of life.

Services Provided:
Intrathecal drug pump implantation 
Spinal cord stimulation 
Dorsal root entry zone lesioning 
Selective nerve root injection 
Surgical sympathectomy 
Cervical dorsal root rhizotomy 

Preoperative clinical assessment and procedures take place at UPMC Presbyterian. Patients will also be seen at the UPMC Monroeville Multispecialty Center at 600 Oxford Drive in Monroeville.

The video below describes the intrathecal pump refill process.